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  • Born in Parma in 1968, she graduated in 2003 as a Yoga Teacher (gymnastic method for health and well-being) at the four-year Yoga Ratna School of Gabriella Cella. In 2006, she founded the Association Il Mondo YogaStudio A.S.D., in 2015 she activated the project YogAzienda together with Elisa Lorenzani and since 2017 she is the coordinator of the “Yoga Teachers Training School” by Il Mondo YogaStudio. She is also involved in Meditation, Prenatal Yoga and Yoga Death Education.
  • In 2012 she specialized in Yoga for Menopause (YANI).
  • In 2009, she specialized in Prenatal Yoga thanks to the teachings of Frédérick Leboyer, Verena Schmid and Michel Odent and completed the specialization “Yoga in Pregnancy”, recognized by YANI, with Giordana Valli.
  • WithProf. Cesare Bonishe has studied “The cycle of life and death” for more than ten years and practiced Yoga with dr. Bhole, Eric Baret and Daniel Odier.
  • She studied “The Doctrine of Vibration” with Mark Dyczkowski.
  • She graduated with honors in Disciplines of Arts at DAMS in Bologna.
    (+39) 328.2115946 – Eugenia Calunga

Elisa Lorenzani


  • Born in Parma in 1974, she has always lived in Boschi di Carrega.
  • As a Yoga instructor, she was trained at the ISYCO in Turin and for several years she has been teaching Hatha Yoga at Il Mondo YogaStudio.
  • She attended several Yoga seminars, the “Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – MBSR” course and the YOGAWELLNESS Master at the Department of Physical Exercise within the Faculty of Medicine – University of Parma.
  • She qualified as Animal Coadjutor in Animal Assisted Intervention (Pet Therapy), at the City of Donkeys in Padua.
  • She is the Founder of Il Mondo YogaStudio in Talignano.
    (+39) 349.4286844 – Elisa Lorenzani

Raffaella Rocchi


  • Born in Parma, where she currently lives.
  • She graduated in Foreign Languages, she is a qualified teacher of Spanish.
  • She met the Orient through shiatsu, whereas the encounter with the yoga practice took place at Il Mondo Yoga Studio, where she is an inspired teacher.
  • She attended yoga and meditation seminars with Gabriella Cella, Marc Beuvain, Peggy Eskenazi and Marco Passavanti.
(+39) 328.0851527 – Raffaella Rocchi

Sara Ziron

“… I lost myself in the wonderful, comforting immensity of the universe. I no longer looked at it. I was part of it.” (T. Terzani)


  • Sara Ziron was born in Parma on 1st July 1983. She graduated in Economics and Marketing at the University of Parma.
  • She has been attending several courses at Il Mondo YogaStudio since 2012 such as the Svatantra Adhyaya Training course held by Marco Passavanti.
  • In 2014, she took part in a residential seminar held by Peggy Eskenazi and Eugenia Calunga and in 2015 she took part in a residential seminar held by Marco Passavanti and Eugenia Calunga.
(+39) 347.4166437 – Sara Ziron

Beatrice Cagnin

“The real journey of discovery does not consist in seeking new lands, but in having new eyes.” (M. Proust)


  • Born in Parma in 1985, she graduated in Economics and Marketing.
  • The encounter with the yoga practice took place a few years ago thanks to the Association Il Mondo YogaStudio.
  • Inspired by this new path, she decided to attend the Teacher Training Programme at “All Yoga Thailand”, where she obtained the certificate to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, pranayama and meditation.
(+39) 340.1446393 – Beatrice Cagnin

Silvia Vignali


  • Born in Parma on February 23, 1984.
  • From a young age, she became passionate about everything that is movement, dance, sport and fitness.
  • The passion and love for yoga have matured over the past two years thanks to the Association Il Mondo YogaStudio
  • She is an instructor for spinning, Thaifit, Thaifit water and is currently attending the yoga teacher training course RYT200 Yoga Alliance Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Dhara Tridosha conducted by Swami Hamsa Jacob Massimiliano Cadenazzi.

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