With Eugenia Calunga and Teresa Donelli, Inspired Yoga Teacher.

The path of preparation for birth “Prenatal Yoga” – 10 MEETINGS IN THE CIRCLE – is aimed at all those who wish to learn, express and enrich their parenting and care potential.

It is possible to register since the first weeks of gestation and to attend until the obstetrical term.

Upon registration, an informational and mutual knowledge interview is foreseen and it is also possible to arrange customized packages.

The preparation course includes a post-birth meeting to share and rework the experience.

No previous yoga experience is required.


  • Consciousness and relationship with the baby;
  • Accept the change;
  • Enhancing the ability of every woman to give birth and to breastfeed.


  1. Dynamic sequences and yoga positions in labor;
  2. Perineal massage;
  3. Indian vocal singing (Carnatic chant);
  4. Analgesic positions in labor;
  5. The physiology of natural childbirth;
  6. The epidural anaesthesia and the caesarean delivery;
  7. The puerperium and the breastfeeding;
  8. Sharing the experience.

The Circle tells: read the stories of mothers and fathers who attended the course of preparation for birth and then wrote their experience.

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