The Association Il Mondo YogaStudio A.S.D. affiliated to FGIwas born in 2006 thanks to an idea by Eugenia Calunga.

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The Association spreads the philosophy and practice of Yoga through courses, seminars, events and conferences on health, social, cultural, educational and sporting interests and over many years has designed and organized:

since 2017, theYoga Teacher Training (4 years);
2016Yogazienda“, since 2018 “YogAzienda®a specific program to make business communication more fluid and to create a positive working environment for the improvement of employees’ well-being and company results in terms of efficiency and effectiveness;
2016The last journey of life” a journey of knowledge and reflections on life and death;
2015 “Entering the Cycle of Life” a conference held at the Ospedale Maggiore in Parma to learn more and to reflect on the techniques of Medically Assisted Procreation (MAP) in collaboration with Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale, the University Hospital in Parma and the patronage of the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Municipality of Parma, the University of Parma, the Medical Association, the College of midwives of Parma and Piacenza, the Futura Association and Sei da me Cooperative;
2015/2017 SVATANTRA ADHYAYA Advanced Yoga training to develop a personal and independent practice;
1999/2010 “The Knowledge of Life and Death” and “Accompaniment of the Dying”: seminars held by CesareBoni, tanatologist and lecturer in numerous Italian and international universities;
2010 “The Archetypes and Experiences of Motherhood” with Verena Schmid,midwife and promoter of physiological birth;
2002/2009 several theoretical and experiential seminars with Dr. Frédérick Leboyer, creator of childbirth without violence. Eugenia Calunga of Il Mondo YogaStudio has been qualified to teach the Leboyer method;
2008 days of study on pregnancy, birth and the first years of life of the child conducted by Michel Odent, Head of Surgery and Founder of the Primal Health Research Centre in London, center specialized in the study of effects mother and newborn health related to the modalities of childbirth.

Our Team:

Eugenia Calunga Founder at Il Mondo YogaStudio

Clelia Buratti Midwife & Mother Assistant

Elisa Lorenzani Yoga Teacher & Pet Therapist

Raffaella Rocchi Yoga Teacher

Sara Ziron Yoga Teacher

Beatrice Cagnin Yoga Teacher

Cristina Bosi Yoga Teacher

Anna Bertoni Midwife

Giovanna Grossi Pilates Teacher